The latest GTFC debacle

Yes, Rob Scott – you’re absolutely right. I agree with you. I admire your passion. I’m with you.

But you shouldn’t have done it.

You know, there’s an argument to say that Scott is lucky to still have a job. If I spoke to a paying customer the way he did on Saturday – provoked or not, rightly or wrongly – I’d be collecting my P45. To do what Scott did was both incredibly brave and incredibly naive. The fiery exchange wasn’t professional and it made for uncomfortable viewing. It’s served as a reminder to all of us why football managers don’t engage with fans directly – particularly in the wake of a disappointing home defeat. You’re just asking for trouble.

Now the chairman has weighed in on the issue with his thoughts. Fans have been having their say on message boards, Facebook, Twitter and blogs. It’s yet another bizarre incident that the football club could really do without. And we could do without Fenty’s inane ramblings. He needs to lie low for a bit instead of continually getting things off his chest in a manner that only further alienates him from the fans.

It’s great for the fans to see that we have a joint manager who feels so strongly about the current situation. However, I’m not entirely sure what Scott was hoping to achieve by confronting the fans in question. I’m wondering what the atmosphere will be like when we next play at Blundell Park.

So in summary, I agree with everything that Scott said but I think he was wrong to approach the fans. He’s been in the game long enough to know that fans can be extremely critical and I’m surprised he’s reacted in this way. Our chairman has a track record for reacting too, albeit in an entirely different way, and sometimes you just have to ignore the criticism and not respond at all. By responding you give the minority a voice and the situation generates unwanted attention.


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