Ossett woman in sausage fest

Miss Oselton begins her quest for sausage glory.

A woman from West Yorkshire has failed in her attempt to eat 25 greasy pork sausages for breakfast to prove a point to her work colleagues.

Sarah Oselton, from Ossett, said it wasn’t her proudest hour when she vomited a ball of congealed sausage into her desk side bin after consuming just 15 of the pork lengths.

She took up the challenge after seeing the sausages on offer and claiming she could eat all 25 of them inside 25 minutes.

But the towel was thrown in on the challenge after just 19 minutes and 42 seconds as ‘Sezzer O’, as she’s known in the office, cited grease and salt as the main obstacles in her quest for sausage success.

Miss Oselton, 32, said: “I’m disappointed and ashamed, really. I underestimated the greasiness and saltiness, but then I should have known better when the sausages cost just 19p each.

“I threw up a ball of sausage in my bin. It wasn’t my finest hour.”

Colleague Nicolle Trethowan, 26, said: “Before the challenge she was overly confident and bragging. I just hope this will bring an end to her boasting that she can eat large volumes of food from the canteen breakfast selection.”

Witness Lucie Cawood, 23, added: “That was such a big ball of sausage that came out.”


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