Humerus anecdote

I said something hilarious the other day while watching an episode of the highly cringeworthy series Hawaii Five-0 (in which people skydive out of unseen planes to save the lives of people whose parachutes have been sabotaged by insane killers) but no one laughed. It happened when this guy was piecing together a skeleton they found in a boat wreck but he was missing some parts – specifically a hand. The ex-Navy seal guy comes over and says, ‘Do you need a hand?’ like a legend, and the other bloke says (unimpressed), ‘Ha. Humerous.’ And then I say, ‘NO, THAT’S THE BONE THAT RUNS FROM YOUR SHOULDER TO YOUR ELBOW! HA!’ (different spelling, granted). My wit was too much for everyone else in the room. They probably didn’t get it because I was so clever. “You’re all a bunch of losers,” I hissed. Well, I didn’t – but that’s what I was thinking of doing.


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