Former Grimsby Town manager answers fans’ questions after joining Twitter

Rob Scott as manager of Grimsby TownRob Scott’s existence on Twitter is no longer a parody – it’s become the real thing. The out-of-work boss joined the microblogging revolution last week and revealed in his first few tweets that he //” target=”_blank”>applied for the Chester job – but he’s so far refused to be drawn on the circumstances surrounding his departure from Blundell Park in September. As you’d expect.

On the whole, the majority of Town fans have behaved themselves, thanking Shouty for his efforts during his time at the club and wishing him well for the future. Others, sadly, couldn’t refuse this fabulous opportunity to have a little dig. But he’s handled them (so far) in the right manner; admitting that the game is about opinions, and that not all decisions – whether in the transfer market or during matches – work out as you’d hope.

He has, though, been refreshingly candid. He appears to have taken the time to respond to most fans’ questions and comments, revealing that he hasn’t been in contact with current manager Paul Hurst since his departure, and that the departure itself has still not been fully or amicably resolved. So there may be interesting times ahead on that front.

Over the past couple of nights he’s told Town fans that his //” target=”_blank”>top three signings were James McKeown, Shaun Pearson and Liam Hearn – adding that McKeown could play at Championship level, while Pearson has the potential to play in League 1. A similar level awaited Hearn, if only he wasn’t so unlucky with injuries.

He confirmed that he was never answerable to an FA charge following the home defeat to Nuneaton, while he also joked that the disastrous loan signing of Richard Brodie this time last year was Hurst’s decision (before quickly clarifying that all decisions were made jointly).

He considered the summer release of Bradley Wood to be a mistake, and felt that not securing Nathan Pond for the rest of last season cost us promotion.

Generally speaking, his online persona perhaps doesn’t quite match the vocal thug that a lot of Mariners fans had him down as. There appears to be an appreciation that he had a temper, but in the majority of cases he excuses this as simply a passion to succeed.

I’d like to think none of our fans will wind him up, but since our performances and league position have improved since his departure then it’s likely that a minority will. However, had we dropped down the league under Hurst then our attitude towards Scott today would probably be a whole lot different.

I can’t help but feel a little cautious about all of this. Town are doing well in the league and have progressed to the quarter finals of the FA Trophy, with another trip to Wembley becoming more of a serious consideration. It’s always difficult to judge from the outside, but the squad harmony appears to be good. What we don’t need now is a distraction, or any rumours of feuds between Scott and current players, coaches or staff on the basis of online comments whose sentiment can often be difficult to interpret correctly. If there’s a former manager out there who knows stuff that fans don’t, then the fans will probe; it’s their nature.

I just hope we don’t prod and probe too much, because we should really be pulling in the same direction by supporting a team that is doing rather well. In my view, nothing positive or beneficial to our club will come from conversing with a man who left in acrimonious circumstances.

I, like the majority of level headed Mariners fans, would like to wish Rob Scott all the best for the future, and hope he knows that we appreciate the work and effort he put into improving our fortunes.


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