Who’s Grimsby Town’s best performing player this season?

Kick off at Blundell ParkHello there! Long time no… see? That doesn’t work for a blog. Anyway, earlier today, after hearing Grimsby Town steal a 1-0 win at Kidderminster, I had this brilliant idea of doing something with statistics. And when my wife put the TV on The Vault to watch Nsync videos, I was spurred into action. Now I’m sharing the results with you lot, you lucky things.

England manager Roy Hodgson got very angry recently when journalists used match statistics to argue that England didn’t play very well in their recent friendly win over Norway. Some say that the only statistic that matters is the amount of goals scored. Others, like Opta, are obliged to say they mean everything. And games like Football Manager wouldn’t exist without them.

However you look at it, we use statistics to measure performance in everything. We can’t live without them, and we can’t ignore them. They intrigue us; they fascinate us. They bring joy; they bring dispair. They help prove some things and dismiss others. They’re the centre point of discussions, and that’s why I decided to start my own set of statistics – to look at the contributions of each Grimsby Town player over the 2014/15 season.

You know the Fantasy Premier League? Basically, I nicked their scoring system – well, I’m applying it to the Grimsby players (yeah, that sounds better). I see it more as borrowing.

Those of you unfamiliar with the scoring system, here it is:

Screenshot of scoring rules

The one thing that the official game does that I can’t is hand out bonus points. There’s quite a complicated algorithm behind that, which involves measuring how many key passes players make, and all that jazz, so I’ll have to leave that out. Similarly, they’re able to offer extra points for goalkeepers depending on how many shots they save, and I haven’t got the data to make judgments on that in the Conference.

I’ve gone through all the match highlights since the start of the season and put them in a spreadsheet. And so, after 11 games, here are the top five Grimsby Town performers:

Screenshot of Top 5 players

Now, not everyone will agree with the scoring system, or how fairly it represents the players’ contributions, but it’s only done for a bit of fun. I’ll be posting the latest player performance league table on All That and a Bag of Chips after each game, so keep checking back to see who’s doing the most for the Mariners.


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