If Fantasy Football points applied to Grimsby Town players: September table

A couple of weeks ago I wondered who would be top of the table if fantasy football points were applied to Grimsby Town players. So I did some research. Rather ambitiously, I suggested I would publish an updated player table after every game – but that was never going to happen, so I’m doing it at the end of every month.

For those of you who read my first article on this topic (which also explained the scoring system), you’ll remember that, not surprisingly, Scott Neilson was leading the way – with James McKeown not far behind. Well, we’ve played Chester and Southport since then, so how have those two contrasting results affected the top five?

Screenshot of Top 5 players for September

In short, not a lot has changed – except that McKeown has now drawn level on points with Neilson (who retains top spot by virtue of his excellent average). Magnay remains third, and despite a drop in average Lenell John-Lewis remains fourth.

Craig Clay is a new entrant at five, replacing the injured John-Paul Pittman (who slips to 8th but with the best average score in the entire squad of 5.29). Not that we needed these statistics to claim it, but we’re really missing him at the moment.

With four league games and an FA Cup fourth qualifying round match to come in October, I’ll be back at the end of the month with an updated league table. In the meantime, feel free to discuss this article below (or on The Fishy, if you must).


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