If Fantasy Football points applied to Grimsby Town players: October table

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with what this is all about: at the end of each month I add up the points Grimsby players would have earned had they been part of the Fantasy Premier League competition. It’s a method that has its weaknesses, as it only rewards goals, assists and clean sheets (and while they might be the most valuable contributions to a football match, it fails to acknowledge performances that dictate play and all that jazz).

Now that I’ve discredited the whole points scoring system, here’s the league table as it stands at the end of October:

Table showing Top 10 scoring playersGiven his red hot scoring form, I guess it comes as no surprise to see Lenell John-Lewis leading the way. He’s on nine for the season in all competitions and has four in his last two games. He’s moved up from 4th, while Scott Neilson has dropped from 1st to 3rd. Craig Clay has dropped from 5th to 8th, and both James Mackreth and Craig Disley have entered the Top 10 for the first time. James McKeown and Carl Magnay remain steady performers in 2nd and 4th respectively.

The table is ordered according to the most points scored, but it looks slightly differently if ordered by average points per game. If this was the case, Aswad Thomas would be 2nd and Jon Paul Pittman 3rd. Nathan Arnold would be in 5th place, while McKeown would be 6th and Magnay 9th.

How you interpret this data is up to you. Its reliability is up for debate. But hopefully it provides an alternative angle to assessing players’ performances over the coming season – and if the players get a whiff of what’s going on, and it strikes up a bit of good natured competitiveness within the camp, then all the better!


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