Great social content brings Grimsby Town closer to the fans

Screenshot of John Lewis sat under a Christmas treeIt’s been great to see Grimsby Town receive universal praise for their unique and brilliant John Lewis Christmas advert. Timely, relevant and well made, it’s an example of how football clubs have needed to adapt over recent years in order to market themselves successfully and engage with the fans.

The tangible success of the video is hard to measure, but then measuring return on investment for online content has been an issue troubling the marketing industry for a good while.

Right now, what we know is that the video has been praised by national newspapers and comedians, and it’s been shared extensively on social media, leading to thousands of views. In short, while no one can put their finger on the exact number of people reached, what can be said for certain is that its reach has been far and wide, and that the reaction has been positive.

That means anyone who has never cared or even come across Grimsby Town before will now associate them with that video. Those who have never formed an opinion of the club will judge them on content like this.

It’s good for the club, its image – and the image of the Town in general.

Since the Mariners dropped into the Conference there has been a greater demand for the club to retain its relationship with the fans. Times are tough, football still isn’t cheap and so videos like this – and projects like the sticker album and the ‘My Favourite Game’ book are vital ways of keeping the fans close to the club.

At a time when more and more football fans are feeling disengaged from their teams, it’s good to see the Mariners keeping the fans involved beyond match days.

It probably would’ve felt like a bit of a gamble to invest in online/social/digital PR, but hopefully the decision makers at Blundell Park can see that the investment is paying off.

Well done to everyone who has been involved – not just in the John Lewis video, but for all the fantastic activity that has come in recent months. It’s the kind of publicity and engagement other football clubs will be envious of – especially those in the Premier League.


One thought on “Great social content brings Grimsby Town closer to the fans

  1. How sad you are. Most supporters want to come and watch the game, win and go home happy. You want Town to blow smoke up your arse and say what a good fan you are? Why shuld Town engage with saddos like you? They are there to entertain and make money not put their arms around and embrace you. Why can’t you just support the club and stop being sad? Maybe you would like to add this and comment on it on your saddos blog? Maybe, though i doubt it, you can’t actually see how sad you are?

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