If Fantasy Football points applied to Grimsby Town players: January

Ollie Palmer in action against Eastleigh. Image courtesy of the Grimsby Telegraph.

Ollie Palmer in action against Eastleigh. Image courtesy of the Grimsby Telegraph.

The postponement of Grimsby’s home tie against AFC Telford means there are no more matches for January… and that means I can show you the latest standings of the Town players in my on-going Fantasy Football league table.

Six games were played this month – three wins, two defeats and one draw – and I guess it’ll come as no surprise to any Mariners fan that loan signing Ollie Palmer has made the biggest impact. Having said that, with three clean sheets the defence continues to rack up the points.

Here’s what the table looks like:

Top 10 performing players as of the end of January 2015There hasn’t been much change in the order at the top – the two things to mention here is that McKeown has closed the gap on John-Lewis to just two points, while Toto Nsiala has crept into the top five for the first time. But the top four look like they’ve broken away, and I think very few would argue that John-Lewis, McKeown, Pearson and Magnay haven’t been our most consistent performers this season.

Although not in the top five, both Nathan Arnold and Jon-Paul Pittman have impressive points-per-game ratios. It makes you wonder where they’d be in this table had they not each suffered lengthy injuries earlier in the season.

It’s also the first time that Scott Neilson has fallen out of the top 10. He topped the table at the end of September, so his slide has been quite dramatic – but also a reflection of how little he’s been used by manager Paul Hurst recently.

If you want to know what the table would look like it it was ordered on average points per game, well, here you go:

Top 10 best performing players based on points per game

Straight in at number two is Ollie Palmer, who’s made an impressive impact since joining from Mansfield. Aswad Thomas is in third place, which suggests the team kept clean sheets when he was in the side. This table also shows how Pittman and Arnold tend to contribute when given a game, while McKeown’s fall is due to the fact that he’s played more games than anyone else.

Now that the home game against AFC Telford will be rearranged it means the Mariners will have another six games in February – after which I’ll be publishing the next batch of updated Fantasy Football league tables.


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