Grimsby Town’s Player of the Season (according to Fantasy Football points) is…

Back in August I decided to borrow the Fantasy Premier League’s point-scoring system to measure the performances of Grimsby Town’s players for the entire 2014/15 season. Well, today I finally got round to updating the spreadsheet. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

And so the first ever All That and a Bag of Chips Fantasy Player of the Season award goes to… Lenell John-Lewis AND Shaun Pearson! That’s right – both were tied at the top. Here’s the full standings:

Table showing 20 high scoring Grimsby Town players

Pearson had a 4-point lead going into the play-off final, but John-Lewis’s goal, coupled with our failure to keep a clean sheet, meant that both players finished the season tied on a monumental 193 points.

You could perhaps argue that John-Lewis should’ve won it for having a better points-per-game average, but since he ran off to Newport on Friday I’m more inclined to go the other way.

So congratulations Shaun – the award is yours! I don’t actually have a budget for a trophy, unfortunately. Sorry.

The lead changed hands several times throughout the season. Scott Neilson led the way early on, but John-Lewis moved to the top from November. McKeown and Pearson were never far behind, and it was Pearson who got his nose in front with just the play-off games to go.

Timed his run to perfection – like a quality centre back at set pieces.

I also re-ordered the table to show the best performing players in terms of points-per-game:

Table showing top 20 Grimsby Town players by points-per-game

Some say league tables don’t lie – but they do. This one lies like a rug. Josh Gowling – as nice a bloke as he is – doesn’t deserve to be up there (simply for his goal and clean sheet at Alfreton). To make this table credible I think you can only consider players who have played more than 15 or 20 games.

What it does show, however, is that John-Lewis effectively won this form of the competition too, and it also demonstrates the impact Ollie Palmer had on the side. Arnold proved that when he plays, he tends to contribute.

In case any newcomers would like to know the exact scoring system I used, here it is:

Details of scoring rules

And if you’d really like to know more about how the competition unfolded, you can read all my previous GTFC fantasy football blogs.

Feel free to discuss the results on here, on Twitter (@AllThatAndABOC or @RichMariner) or over on The Fishy. And like the majority of the Town players who have re-signed in the last week, I’ll be back in August to do it all over again.


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