110,105 reasons why Grimsby Town fans are the best in the world

Black and white seatsWith seven wins from seven pre-season games – and the fans raising £110,105 in the last eight weeks – it’s been an encouraging start to Grimsby Town’s sixth season in non-league. Friendlies don’t win points of course, and money doesn’t guarantee promotion, but as reactions go to play-off final defeats, this has got to be one of the best from any club, in any division, at any period of time in history.

What the fans have achieved is incredible – and it’s not just about the money they raised. It’s about the club returning to the fans. It really feels like it belongs to us again. By giving everyone the chance to donate a few pounds to the team’s cause, it’s enabled everyone to be a part of Operation Promotion – something that was devised and driven by the fans.

They made this happen, and that’s what’s so special about it. That’s why it’s worked.

I really do think that, in time, when we look back at what could be a special season for the Mariners, we’ll see this initiative as a defining moment in the club’s history.

Well done to everyone who contributed. And well done to those at the Mariners Trust who devised the campaign and made it happen. I’ve not been involved in it, but from my day job I know how tough things like this are to organise and execute.

The story has enjoyed national coverage since it began at the start of June, and I’m sure it’ll continue to get plenty more given the amount it’s managed to raise. And to top it off we’ve got a team that looks like serious title contenders.

We’ve kept the heart of what was a very good side from last season and made very sensible additions – some of which may have only been possible due to the money raised.

We’ve played seven pre-season games so far, and we’ve won them all. We’ve scored 23 goals, and 18 of them have come from our four strikers (Amond 7, Pittman 6, Arnold 3 and Bogle 2). So the players – and the manager – are doing their bit to keep the positivity flowing.

The players look fit, they look motivated and they look happy. They look like they know each other’s games. More importantly, they look ready for August 8th at Kidderminster when the serious work begins.


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