If Fantasy Football points applied to Grimsby Town players: August

Omar Bogle in actionLast season I used the Fantasy Premier League point scoring-system to measure the contribution each Grimsby Town player made over the course of 2014/15 and it finished in a tie, with both Shaun Pearson and Lenell John Lewis recording 193 points. Well, I’ve decided to do it again this season, and here’s how the table looks at the end of August:

1 August 1516
With three goals in his first two games, Monkhouse led the way at the start, but five goals in seven matches lifted Omar Bogle to the top, with Amond just behind. Given our inability to keep clean sheets, perhaps it’s no surprise to see the attacking players dominating the top five places.

If you want to look at the table in a different way, here’s how it looks on a points-per-game basis:

2 August 1516
To give you some sense of perspective, Ollie Palmer scored 52 points in 11 games at the end of last season, giving him an average of 4.73 points per game. John-Lewis averaged 4.10 while Pearson managed 3.95, so that’s an impressive start by Bogle.

When the defence improves we might begin to see the likes of Gowling and last season’s winner Pearson move up from their respective positions of 13th and 14th, but right now they already face an uphill struggle to catch our four best players, who have just started to create a gap between them and the rest.

I’ll be posting monthly updates, and since we’re well into September you won’t be waiting too long before next month’s tables.


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