If Fantasy Football points applied to Grimsby Town players: November

The games have been played, the points have been added up and the players have shifted places in the table. We have a new leader of the pack! In the interests of enticement, so that you read the rest of the story, I’m not at liberty to say who it is in the opening paragraph – which goes against the literary trend of the digital age that insists on front-loading online articles for time-poor people who just want me to get to the point. Well, balls to that.

As all Mariners fans will know, Grimsby Town played five and won five in November, and Paul Hurst picked up the Manager of the Month award. It was rumoured that Padraig Amond might have received the Player of the Month award too, even though his goal return was better in October. But he didn’t.

Instead, he’ll have to settle for the accolade that I can offer, which isn’t official in any capacity (other than my own excitable head) but he today leads the way in my succinctly titled ‘If Fantasy Football Points Applied To Grimsby Town Players’ (IFFPATGTP).

Top 10 Grimsby Town players for NovemberOmar Bogle has actually slipped into third, given Nathan Arnold’s form and his own injury troubles this month. After a very slow start, James McKeown climbs to fourth and Andy Monkhouse slips into fifth.

Josh Gowling’s goal at Barrow, coupled with the clean sheet against Kiddy, has moved him ahead of Toto and up to eighth, while East continues to slide in his continued absence from the first team.

Now here’s what the table looks like when it’s sorted according to points per game – which some argue is more interesting:

Top 10 Grimsby Town players according to points per game for NovemberAmond’s average of 5.52 points per game pisses all over last season’s joint winners Shaun Pearson (3.86) and Lenell John-Lewis (4.40). Conor Townsend’s goals against St Albans and Welling means his ratio is similarly as impressive.

Gowling is the first defensive representative to break into the top five this season, while in this form of the table McKeown slips out of the top 10 completely. Interestingly there are places for Scott Brown and Alex Jones for the few games they’ve played.

I’ll be back in the new year with an update for December. Until then, stay safe, enjoy Christmas, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (which is quite a lot, since I like to play life safe).


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