The pitfalls of selective viewing

Grimsby Town are on an excellent run of form. We’ve basically been on an excellent run of form since we lost at home to Cheltenham at the end of October, and yet, despite all the victories (20 from 28 in all competitions, if you’re wondering) we’re further off the top than when that run began.

But let me get to the point, because this is a short post. Town’s recent form looks like this (most recent result first):

W  W  D  W  W  W  W  W  L

I have managed to attend two games in that time, and I’ll let you take a wild stab in the dark at which two those have been.

The draw at Guiseley wasn’t a bad match, truth be told. Town dominated for large parts, and probably deserved to win. The 4-2 defeat at Halifax, however, was bloody horrendous. None of us had seen us play that badly in two or three years, and I left wondering whether it was the beginning of the end for Hurst (and not the temporary blip that it so obviously was).

As most exiled Grimsby fans will understand, it’s simply not possible to attend all Town games, so you have to be selective on which you can go to. Living in Leeds as I do (it’s not as dirty as they say), there could’ve been no excuse for not attending matches at Guiseley and Halifax.

The bad news for Town fans out there is that I’m making my way to Macclesfield on Monday. And if things don’t go to plan, please don’t start on me – pick on the steward who looks like Sam Dingle instead. He’s paid to take that sort of stuff.

Having said that, I only started watching the England match last night when we were 2-0 down. So, you know, maybe my luck is turning.


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