Reuben’s returned to make his world cup predictions (and I’m writing about it)

Football never sleeps. It’s everywhere, like James Cordon. The more you try to ignore it, the more it pops up in your face.

Thankfully, Cordon and his chubby banter are easier to ignore. The world cup, however, isn’t.

As much as you pretend you don’t care, you just can’t help tuning into Morocco versus Iran because, you know, it’s the world cup.

Grimsby have launched next season’s kits. We know we’ll be facing Rochdale at home in the League Cup first round. Our fourth division fixtures will be revealed next week. Michael Jolley is assembling a decent squad ahead of 2018/19 and, I think, we’re broadly comfortable with what he’s doing.

Basically, it’s allowing me to turn my attention to this tournament thing in Russia.

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m writing 50-word match reports over on my other blog, Reuben Predicts.

It’s called Reuben Predicts because my cat, Reuben, attempts to predict the outcome of the major matches.

Head over there now to see my bold predictions on who’ll win the tournament, who’ll be runners up and who the dark horses are.

Oh, and when England will get knocked out.




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