The Germans won’t win it: Here’s how my World Cup predictions are performing

Since there’s no World Cup football on today, I thought I’d use the opportunity to check in on the predictions I made before the tournament began and see how they’re coming along.

Prediction: I discounted Brazil and Argentina on the basis that no South American team has ever won the World Cup when it’s held in Europe.

Current status: Both nations remain in the competition, although Argentina scraped through and face a tough match against France. Brazil may have topped their group but their draw against Switzerland makes me doubt their credentials. I expect them to beat Mexico but Belgium could potentially be their undoing in the quarters.

Prediction: I discounted Germany because nations don’t tend to win back-to-back World Cups.

Current status: Germany got knocked out in the group stage and it was absolutely hilarious. Job done!

Prediction: European champions Portugal won’t win the tournament. They’re too boring.

Current status: They’ve made it through the group stage and, to be fair, gave us some entertainment in their match against Spain. Still think they’ll come undone against a side that know how to score, though, and they’re still heavily dependent on Ronaldo.

Prediction: France will win the World Cup.

Current status: They topped their group, and if they beat Argentina they’ll really fancy their chances.

Prediction: Spain to be in with a shot.

Current status: I had them down as winners until they sacked their coach on the eve of the tournament. They topped their group and, while unconvincing against Morocco, I believe they’ll make the semis – or even make the final.

Prediction: Denmark to be dark horses and make the semis.

Current status: I’m doubtful over this one, but they made it through the group stage and they have a winnable game against Croatia in the next round. I’ve just realised them and Spain can’t both make the semis so I’m going to be wrong about one of them.

Prediction: England to go out in the last 16.

Current status: Well, they’re into the last 16 and I now fully expect us to lose against Colombia for several reasons – firstly, Colombia are a decent side and it’ll be a tough test for us, and secondly, it seems we were planning for an ‘easier’ quarter final match and it’d be typically English to not make something we’d planned for.


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