Welcome to All That and a Bag of Chips.

Hi, I’m Rich. I get paid for thinking up concepts and ideas for marketing and advertising campaigns for a large digital business in Leeds. And I like football, which is nice.

I’m a Grimsby Town fan, and this blog was created so I could write about them. But I love writing about pretty much anything, which means you should prepare yourself for plenty of clunky and awkward topic transitions (something The One Show isn’t afraid of).

It’s also why this blog is broadly separated into two categories: ‘Grimsby Town’ and ‘non-Grimsby Town’.

So then, a bit about me (and Grimsby Town)

I was born and brought up in Cleethorpes. After training as a journalist I decided that, actually, I did want to go to university, so I upped sticks and left for the bright lights of Huddersfield to study English Language.

After completing my degree and working for a year as VP Comms officer for the students’ union, I moved to Kirkstall in Leeds, then onto Garforth, just outside of the city, which is where I currently live.

I’ve done the rounds at Grimsby Town. I’ve written (and occasionally do still write) for the Mariner match day programme, The Fishy and Cod Almighty, commentated on matches for local radio – and I even had a go at presenting Mariners Player (formerly Mariners World) back in 2003/4. That’s when I went through my hippy stage and grew my hair long. Surprisingly, the long queue of girls I was expecting to form at my door didn’t materialise.

I also co-edited the club’s hugely successful My Favourite Game book, which was released in November 2014, and wrote a central chapter for We Are Town – an anthology of writing by Grimsby Town fans from 1970 to 2002.

My career

For the large part I’ve been working in the marketing and advertising industry as a creative and conceptual copywriter at agencies in Leeds and York for clients all over the world.

In 2016 I worked as a freelance creative, and in 2017 I joined a betting and gaming company on a permanent basis.

Before all this I spent a few years working in PR and communications for a public sector organisation in Yorkshire.

So if you’re into all that creative marketing shizzle – and if you also like football, cricket, films and the work of Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci and Stewart Lee, then you might like to follow me on Twitter: @RichMariner.

Why ‘All That and a Bag of Chips’?

The blog came out of a very metaphorical womb in July 2011 after years of promising myself to start one but never actually doing anything about it, because I’m just a bit like that.

The meaning of ‘all that and a bag of chips’ varies slightly depending on who you talk to, but generally it means ‘all that and more’. At least that’s how I understood it when I was growing up.

So yes, it’s tongue in cheek. I’m certainly not all that and a bag of chips.

And the ‘yesterday’s news, today!’ strapline reflects my outstanding ability to procrastinate. If something big happens, I’m usually not there to witness it (but I’ll want to write about it the next day, when the world has moved on).

I have two cats, a wife, a son and a love for 90s music – plus a mild dependency on energy drinks and a full-on addiction to biscuits.

5 thoughts on “About

      • Richard Hughes says:

        Why do you write all that crap? If you must do it why don’t you get a platform where you might actually get an audience, perhaps the fishy? Have you every wondered why the likes of Harry Cardwell aren’t playing? Sure they impressed against Brigg Town and such but they have since proved that they can’t do it in the league. Have you ever thought that Russell Slade is doing a good job with the resources at his disposal? Have you ever thought that John Fenty is doing a good job in the absence of any other rich person who wants to run GTFC? You just don’t have a clue do you.

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